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What is BPA-Free?

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Little girl with plastic sippy cupYou have probably heard that some children’s products are made from plastics containing BPA (Bisphenol A) while others are not, these are called BPA-free products.

BPA is an organic compound that is commonly found in many plastics. While not much attention had been given to BPA plastics, that has begun to change in the past few years. Several recent government issued reports have questioned the safety of using BPA in plastics, especially regarding its exposure to children.

So, is it time to throw away every plastic thing in your house, especially those items that your kids use? No, this is just not a feasible thing to do for most families, but you can take steps to ensure that most of the plastic products you buy from now on are BPA-fee, especially your child’s feeding products (bottles, sippy cups, bowls, etc.).

Check back often for new suggestions and featured products for your BPA-free family and home.


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