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Hasbro LogoMy 4 year-old-son loves superheroes and I am very happy that he does!   I feel like I am constantly reminding him to "act like a gentlemen" or help his sisters or play (nicely) with his bother.  It’s only recent that he’s become fascinated with superheroes and it seems a little easier for him to comply with the behavior that I am asking from him.  Coincidence? I am not sure, but he has come up with the line "super heroes are good leaders."  This kid cracks me up!

Thus, it came as no suprise to me that wanted to dress up as a superhero for Halloween.  I didn't want to spend money on a costume that he would only wear once, but instead wanted one that would provide him with year-long dress up possibilities.  That’s why I excited to review Hasbro’s the Amazing Spiderman Hero FX Mask, Glove and Chest Light.  I knew that he would love dressing up as one of his favorite superheroes!

Hasbro Spider-man maskHasbro Glove Spider-manLight Chest Hasbro

I made the mistake of telling my son about the Spider-Man role-play toys when they were still on their way to us, so naturally he asked about them ALL the time.  He practically ripped through the shipping box when it arrived at our house and could hardly contain himself.  He immeditaley took all the items out of the their packaging, put them on and headed out the back door into the backyard, no doubt to save the world!

The first item that my son wanted to try on was the mask.  This electronic mask features light-up eyes and sound effects.   It also says phrases from the movie!  I'm more practical than my son - I like that the the mask can easily be adjusted on the back.
Spiderman maskSpiderman mask
The glove was a huge hit too!  He loves that by simply moving his hands around, the sensors are activated and produce web shooting sound effects!
Spider-man gloveSpiderman glove

The chest light is so cool as well, it easily attaches to his shirt and features more lights and sound effects.  He had the best time trying out all the Amazing Spider-Man role-play toys.  As a matter of fact, since they first arrived at our home he's played with the them a daily basis.
I LOVE that they encourage him to use his creativity. I am not sure sure how he managed to "create" the webs with my laundry line rope, but he thinks it looks super cool!
I understood my son's excitement over the Habro's Marvel superhero themed role-play toys - superhereos are everywhere because kids love them – and they not just for boys either. My 6 and 8 year old girls love them too!   The Hasbro line of Marvel role-play toys can help create the ultimate costume based on popular Super Heroes (like IRON MAN, HULK, THOR or CAPTAIN AMERICA from MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS or SPIDER-MAN and THE LIZARD from THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN); but I love that these toys are affordable and will keep my son entertained long after his Halloween sugar rush is over!

You can find out more information about the products that I reviewed at the Hasbro website:



We will be giving away 1 set of the role-play toys just reviewed, which includes: THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN HERO FX MASK ($19.99) and THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN HERO FX CHEST LIGHT ($6.99) and THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN HERP FX GLOVE ($12.99). How cool!




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This is part of a product review campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Hasbro; complimentary products were provided. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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Monday, 29 October 2012 23:41

Healthy Halloween Treat & Snack Ideas

Halloween Healthy Treat

Is it possible to have healthy Halloween treats? Halloween and sweets go hand-in-hand, so they are allowed in our house more than normal around this time. However, I try to explain to the kids that candy and sweats are an “every now and then” food.  I have a major sweet tooth and I know that my kids do too around this season, so I don’t expect for candy and other treats to be banned in our home, but we do work on limiting the amount - for their appetite, nutrition and teeth. With your trick-or-treaters you can hand out healthier and fun treats that they will enjoy - and that their parents will appreciate!

Here are suggestions to help curb the sweet tooth overload this Halloween:

  • Consider handing out healthy snacks in mini boxes/packages of:
    • Animal crackers
    • Angie's Kettle Corn, which is gluten-free.
    • Baby carrots ( has packaged them as Scarrots)
    • Buddy Fruit Bites (My kids LOVE these!)
    • Apple slices
    • Goldfish crackers
    • Granola bars or cereal bars
    • Sugar-free hot cocoa
    • Pirate’s Booty
    • Pretzels
    • Raisins or yogurt covered raisins
    • Roasted pumpkin seeds
    • String cheese
    • Trail mix
    • Sugar free gum
  • Hand out non-edible treats, similar to what you may find in a goody bag.
    • Miniature toys like mini yo-yos tiny pinball games, bubble sets, jacks and ball sets, mini Rubik's cubes, bouncing eyeball balls, sidewalk chalk, inflatable mini balls, mini Uno games, any card games like Go Fish, slide puzzles.
    • Plastic jewelry with Halloween themed spooky characters like ghosts, black cats, spiders, skulls, pumpkins, etc.
    • Crazy accessories like pirate eye patches, vampire fangs, glow in the dark fingers, necklaces, silly bands, and temporary tattoos.
    • Halloween themed craft items or school supplies like pencils, sharpeners, erasers.
    • Stickers, small coloring books, slap bracelets
    • ;
    • Small containers of play dough or wikki stix.
    • Online stores like Oriental Trading Company and U.S. School Supply are great for finding these types of items at affordable prices. Don’t forget your local party supply store and dollar stores.
  • Pumpkin MuffinsDepending on when your kids will go out for trick-or-treating, make sure that they have a healthy snack or dinner before they head out to avoid having them fill up on sweets.  Some of my favorites snacks are pumpkin spiced muffins made with whole wheat flour.  I LOVE this recipe from - they are so good! Try orange or cantaloupe slices, cheddar cheese with whole grain crackers, carrots with ranch dip…add a little orange food coloring to the dip! I love the apple cuts out pictured above, but peanut butter or even better, yogurt, would be a much healthier treat, but I do love caramel! Simply cut about 5 granny smith apples into thin slices and use assorted mini cookie cutters to cut shapes into the apple slices, use both the cut outs and apple slices.  This yummy and easy to make treat comes from  Great sites for additional healthy ideas are and

Apple Bites Check out my other favorite apple treat (I love apples!)- all you need are granny smith apples and slivered almonds....this idea comes from  My kids also love pumpkin cookies - check out our favorite recipe from Kristine Lopez here.

Finally, to lower the amount of candy in your house after Halloween, encourage your kids to participate in Halloween Candy Buy Back. This is such a great national program – it pays kids $1 per pound of sweets that are shipped to U.S. troops overseas.  It's also a good idea to store the candy out of sight, like in a kitchen cupboard that only you can reach.   Limit candy intake to one a day during a set time, for just a few days then get rid of the candy.

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Sunday, 07 October 2012 04:01

Halloween Memories

Halloween trick-or-treaters

Halloween is just around the corner  and my kids are excited!  We moved from a neighborhood with a few trick-or-treaters to a very family friendly area where (we hear from neighbors) we have lots of kids.  I have to admit that my lack of Halloween decorations is a little embarrassing but  I am doing a little more each year :)

I enjoy getting the kids dressed up and going out trick-or-treating.  It's an easy way for me to relive being a kid!  I have funny memories of celebrating Halloween when I was growing up. First, my mom made it a point to never spend too much money on the day. She always said that Halloween was once a year and costumes were too expensive, so my brother and sisters and I learned early on to come up with our own homemade costumes on most years. My younger sister was a witch on many many occasions because it was such an easy costume to make. Often the youngest kid’s face was transformed into a cute lion or bunny face with an application of my mom’s makeup.  Case in point - see picture below - I am not sure what my younger brother and sister were supposed to be this Halloween!Halloween Kids

I remember that the dicey Chicago weather at the end of October somehow always played a factor in our trick-or-treating efforts.  It seemed that it was always cold or raining.   Then there were the teenagers that went out later in the evening and egged the whole neighborhood (including trick-or-treaters) that were out too late.

The most prominent Halloween memory?  It’s a tie….I must have been 4 or 5 years olds when my mom made my sister and I masks out of a cardboard box (from the new bathroom carpet set)!   It was cold that day, so my mom and dad made my sister and I get into the car and they told us to roar loudly out of the window! That still makes me laugh, what were they thinking?!   And then there was the time that one of our family friends invited us to go trick-or-treating in a Chicago suburb.  That was exciting because we didn’t really know anyone who lived outside the inner city, so to go to the suburbs was a big deal.  I was more excited about being in the suburbs than the trick-or-treating, but the large amount of candy was nice too!

The best part of Halloween as a kid was that my parents always let us fill up on the candy! The day was always exciting, no matter how budget friendly our costumes were or how bad the weather may have been. Hope that you have a fun day too! Secretly, the REAL reason I am excited about Halloween is because the day after my mind can shift to planning Christmas! This week I had to fight the urge to head over to the Holiday aisles that were starting to be stocked and stick to looking through the dwindling Halloween aisles!

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